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Owner and operator, Kenroy is a licensed general contractor with over 20 years doing custom projects for clients: flooring, bedrooms, basements, sheds, you name it. Starting with custom cabinetry in the 90s, he has since become the expert everyone knows, loves and relies on for high quality, and professional results that meets your needs.


As a lifelong, and still part-time healthcare professional, Sophia understands the key value that comes from following strict guidelines for safety, as well as for integrity. She continues to work alongside Kenroy in keeping up to date with the latest guidelines as well as providing her experience in quality management. 

Wooden Frame Window

(Communication advisor)

Communication is a vital part of the survivability of today's small businesses. As part of our commitment to being open for communication, we are employing the most broad reaching methods available: Wix, Facebook, and Instagram. Despite being the youngest, Jevaughn is the most well rounded communications person of the team making him the ideal person to offer assistance on our communication projects. 

(Finance Advisor)

Andre serves as an advisor in both small and large projects as it relates to finance. Having obtained his MBA from the University of Massachusetts, with a strong background in financial management, he has well demonstrated the necessary patience, and knowledge necessary to assist us in our vision.

Our Expertise


Our team will help you plan your project from start to finish. We offer a wide array of services include free consultation, project feasibility assessment, and budget planning.

Quality & Integrity

We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to safety. Our renovation services include project management, subcontractor coordination, and quality control.


We stand behind our work. We offer assistance even after the project is complete so that you have nothing but peace of mind. Additionally, we prioritize ensuring that your budget is respected. That is our definition of honestly. We strive to ensure your satisfaction.

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